The easiest way to build backend services for your PostgreSQL database

RapidRows is an open-source, zero-dependency, single-binary API server that can be configured to run SQL queries, perform scheduled jobs and forward PostgreSQL notifications to websockets.
RapidRows API Server Overview
Lightweight & Efficient

Zero-dependency statically linked single binary. Command-line tool. Written in Go. Open source under Apache 2.0 license.

Built For PostgreSQL

Connect to all Postgres and Postgres-compatible servers. No extensions to install. Built-in connection pooler.

Scheduled Jobs

Features a built-in job scheduler. Use CRON syntax. Run SQL statements or JavaScript code.

JavaScript Engine

Embeds the QuickJS JavaScript engine. Do additional validation, modify input parameters and query results.

Notifications over WebSockets

Setup WebSocket and Server-Sent-Event endpoints that can receive PostgreSQL notifications with just 4 lines of configuration.

And More!

OpenAPI-like specification. Per-endpoint configurable server-side caching. Query timeouts. Debug flags. Parameter validation. Transaction options.

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v1.0.0, released 29-Sep-2022
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RapidRows is the easiest, low-code way to stand up a backend API server for a variety of uses, from production websites and internal web tools to rapid prototyping and development.

Coming Soon: RapidRows Pro

Built-in admin panel, GUI editor for configuration, enhanced JavaScript API, metrics dashboards and more!

RapidRows Pro

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About Us

RapidRows is brought to you by RapidLoop, the company behind pgDash — a comprehensive solution for monitoring PostgreSQL, and pgmetrics — an open source tool to collect over 350+ metrics from a running PostgreSQL server.